FAQs – Utah Best Landscaping


Do you provide full landscaping services?

Yes. Our Expert Utah Landscape Services Geared For Indoor / Outdoor living, hosting outdoor gatherings and parties, and creating beautiful and fun backyards.

Today’s lifestyles are full of all sorts of activities. And the busier the life, the more important it is to have a home that provides the perfect setting for relaxing with family and entertaining neighbors and friends.

All States Landscaping understands how to use the landscape to change a house into a home with expanded outdoor living spaces, privacy, and seasonal beauty. Since 1985, we’ve been working one on one with Utah homeowners to bring their ideas and visions to life.

Utah has a unique climate  in the west, and we have the knowledge to make your Utah landscaping project one that fits the climate and soil conditions around your property. From bubbling ponds to outdoor entertainment patio and desk systems, all the way to award-winning entries and color gardens, All States Landscaping brings you the years of experience, the staff, and the equipment to produce a landscape designed to meet your needs today and to mature gracefully during the years ahead.

We begin by listening very carefully to learn what your priorities and desires are, and then we add ideas of our own. We can handle a complete master plan for new construction or total renovation of older, overgrown landscapes. Even if your needs are for a few specialty trees or a partial restoration, we can help. You can be sure that our designs and suggestions will fit seamlessly into your property, your lifestyle, and your budget.


Will you bid on Residential Landscaping?

We are experts in residential landscaping. We start with an on-site consultation. Do you need a designer or plant list? We can help you choose the right products for the job. People are drawn to the lush beauty of a healthy lawn. A well-designed home landscape is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It not only offers pleasure to the residents but also the neighbors and visitors, and it adds to your property value.

Your landscape is an extension of your home. You can trust our experienced, dedicated professionals to design and coordinate your project—from start to finish.

We will help you make your dreams a reality to make a landscape that brings together neighbors and family. Helping you envision your yard as something new and beautiful is our favorite part of the job.

We offer landscape design services for homes, communities, and corporate establishments. A beautiful landscape can be designed to give you extra living space and add a calming presence to your home. A well-designed landscape will enhance the value of any property.

Can you create waterfalls and ponds?

Yes! Waterfall and pond landscaping can create a very dramatic effect and can completely change the appearance and feel of your yard.

However, if done incorrectly, it can totally overwhelm a small area. So in order to give you the ideal water feature, All States has experienced representatives that will work with you on your design.

Now, answer the following questions to find out what type of outdoor water feature landscape you would like to create:

  1. Do you want your water feature to be a prominent feature in your yard or do you want it to be in a small enclosed area of the yard?
  2. Do you want to be able to hear the sound of the water flowing?
  3. Do you want a small or full-sized pond with your waterfall? Or would you prefer a pond-less waterfall that requires less maintenance?

Please take a look at our Water Feature Photo Gallery for ideas and inspiration. You will find a great collection of waterfall, pond, and stream pictures each demonstrating a different feel and unique water feature design. Our water feature specialists will also be able to explain how your water feature will fit into a landscape project.

Can you create nice looking retaining walls and varied height landscaping?

Yes! Add a little class to your landscape by getting All States to install retaining walls and pavers on your property. Pavers and retaining walls will enhance the value of any home or office and are available in a wide selection of colors, shapes, and finishes.

All States Landscaping installs an array of the finest residential and commercial interlocking concrete pavers and retaining walls for any exterior landscaping projects. Look at our photo gallery to find the right pavers for you. These pavers are designed to withstand all types of climates and have a proven track record of successful installations throughout the United States and Canada.

The retaining walls that All States install are very versatile. We can install retaining walls to level areas or create sitting walls around your patio. We can use natural rocks or imitation rocks that look similar but cost less than the real thing. Expert landscape designers will work with you to decide your ideal retaining wall needs and wants.

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